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Our Economical Webdesign Prices

Check out our package deals below. And the other services Fashionable Webs offer. Or fill out the quick quote form at the very bottom of the page.


Package Deal #1

  • 2 Web Pages and 10 Graphics
  • 1,200 Words
  • Your Cost $110.00

Package Deal #2

  • 3 Web Pages and 15 Graphics
  • 1,800 Words
  • Your Cost $165.00

Package Deal #3

  • 4 Web Pages and 20 Graphics
  • 2,400 Words
  • Your Cost $230.00

Package Deal #4

  • 5 Web Pages and 25 Graphics
  • 3,000 Words
  • Your Cost $310.00


Services Description Price
WebPage One web page (500 words & two graphics) $50.00
Hosting Service Help Set Up A Host For Your Site $25.00 Plus Host Set Up Fees
Domain Service Help Set Up A Domain For Your Site $25.00 Plus Domain Set Up Fees
Custom Logo A Logo To Go With Your Website $40.00
Custom Backgrounds Custom Made Backgrounds For Your Webpages $25.00
Scripts Installed Special Interactive Programs $65.00 Per Program
Flash Programs Installed Special Animation $65.00 Per Program
Shoping Cart Online Store $200.00 Plus Secure Server Monthly Fees
Secure Order Forms Safe And Secure Order Forms $95.00 Plus Secure Server Monthly Fees
Regular Order Form E-mail Order Form $65.00
E-Mail Forms Special E-mail Programs $25.00
Site Navigator Search Engine For Your Site $70.00
Hit Counter Keep Count Of The Number Of Hits To Your Site $20.00
Links Page A Webpage Devoted To Other People's Sites $40.00
Custom Forms Interactive Forms $40.00
Custom Graphics Custom Made Graphics $55.00 Per Graphics
Extra Graphics Extra Pictures For Your Site $15.00
Submitting Your Site To Major Search Engines Get Your Site Noticed By Submitting It To The Major Search Engines $50.00 Plus Search Engine Fees
GuestBook Keep Track Of What People Think Of Your Website $25.00
Message Board Much Like A GuestBook As It Keeps Record Of People's Input $30.00
Website Maintenance Upkeep And Any Changes To Your Website $25.00 Per Hour

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